The electronic cigarette is not harmful to health

In the articles that have been published lately in many media, it is to make people believe that the electronic cigarette is very harmful to health. Given this, we have to say that, when compared to something 100% safe, of course it could actually damage health. But what everyone seems to ignore is that the electronic cigarette is born as an alternative to snuff.

Recall that the snuff kills the year in Spain more than 60,000 people. This is a true and proven fact. The snuff costs all Spaniards over 10,000 million euros a year on treatments associated with its consumption. Therefore, everyone who writes or pronounced in relation to the electronic cigarette does regardless of who is attacking and denigrating one of the most effective alternatives to snuff ever invented.

Since its birth in 2003 in the world there are more than 100 million people who have ever used with the intention to quit or smoke less. When speaking of is a new way to encourage the consumption is a complete error. The non-smoker electronic cigarette does not use snuff.

From Cigar Clean we speak from experience. For more than six years of marketing in pharmacies and more than 300,000 devices sold, and objectives we have enough data to draw, not theoretical practical conclusions. Of these devices sold, more than 50,000 people (more than 15% efficiency) have expressed quitters over the next six months. This data is always omitted spoken of the electronic cigarette. Only talk of nicotine, the propylenglicol, the vegetable glycerin, etc.

Vegetable glycerin is an ingredient that we consume in our diet daily. Countless food the lead and nobody cares that is harmful or not because the food CODEX picks and guarantees as an ingredient for food processing.

The news of a patient who was diagnosed with lipoid pneumonia has caused a stir and has rekindled debate about the electronic cigarette, but it is not shown that it was for the use of this device. And what is true is that today 136 people die from smoking snuff. Tomorrow, 136 and other past and within two months, and within a year will remain the same if not seek effective solutions.

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The e-cigarette to quit smoking

The problem for many smokers is obvious – you are addicted to cigarettes. Responsible for the substance nicotine , which is one of the most addictive substances that humanity knows . It is this nicotine is the reason that many smokers take an increased morbidity and risk of cancer in purchase to satisfy their craving for the substance . Those who want to quit smoking , usually has a hard time.

Often the nicotine with the “train” to a cylindrical object is connected, what nicotine patch or other nicotine replacement products can only conditionally be considered an alternative in question.

Often also the exhale is perceived as satisfactory. In smokers, the nicotine is so often coupled with other activities . What really is an alternative to the traditional cigarette, if you look at smoking is working to wean completely ? It is certain that the substitute should contain nicotine to satisfy the physical addiction. In addition, should as far as possible the ” train ” to be possible on an object and the exhalation of smoke or steam.

In addition, the vapor of e-cigarettes smells much better than the smell of tobacco smoke. This is partly because the vaporized fluid depending on taste contains various flavors. The selection of these is very extensive and there is hardly any taste, from where there is not even a flavored fluid .

Especially popular are fruit scents such as cherry, apple or mango.

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